Before opening

Our Certificate of Occupancy has been granted!

Today, January 8th, 2019, the City of Mesa granted Jacob’s Hope our Certificate of Occupancy. After months of working on our building to bring it up to the necessary standards and codes for our babies, we are finally there. The fire sprinkler system is in and operational and our alarms are active and working. Diligence, hard work, prayer, and the support of hundreds of you has brought us to this point. From here, we move on to our state licensing with DHS. This has already begun and we will enter into the review process of all of our policies and procedures. Praise God for all of you and for the completion of this gigantic milestone. On to opening.


Agency Coordination









We will be providing services to the AZ Behavioral Health Services (AzDHS) agency. However, most of the infants will be the ward of the AZ Department of Child Safety (AzDCS) Foster Care system.

We are meeting with the key managers in each organization to refine the relationships and transactions with each:

  • Authorization from AzDHS to provide care

  • AzDCS coordination for approval, documentation, and scheduling of their placement into Jacob's Hope

  • Definition of the criteria, requirements, and processes for intake from DCS

  • Documentation and reporting requirements while under care

  • Coordination, criteria, and responsibilities for visitation during care

  • Definition of the criteria, requirements, and processes for discharge from Jacob's Hope to DCS

A model exists that projects an initial infant loads of six per month for a few months then ramping slowly to the ten per month for a year. This model includes the equipment and services for this load. The following are the categories:

  • STAFFING: One Medical Director (medical doctor or nurse-practitioner), one or more registered nurses (depending on load), a Certified Nursing Assistant for each shift for two infants, President, Executive Director, Office Manager, Grant & Volunteer Manager, and (initially) one administration clerk.

  • OPERATIONS EQUIPMENT: A refrigerator, microwave, washer, and dryer have already been donated. But, various cleaning, storage, and office equipment will be necessary. The clinical management will be computer based and will require numerous PC notebooks. The office management and administration will also require computers that will be on the peer-to-peer network.

  • TRAINING: Specialized training will be provided for infant care and clinical management.

  Click on the above to see the items that we need. Contact us to arrange deliveries.


The AZ Department of Health Services (DHS) will license our operations and pay for services through AHCCCS. After the COO, DHS will perform inspections and reviews to verify the following:

  • Adequacy of the facility and equipment to provide the services (storage, utilities, rooms, safety, waste management etc). These are presently being examined, reviewed, and approved by the Board.

  • Adequacy of the polices, procedures, and processes (management, training, staffing, medical methodologies, records, controls, etc.). These are presently being drafted, reviewed, and approved in accordance with the AZ Behavior Health In-Patient Rules.

  • Completeness and accuracy of training, medical process orders, approvals, controls, and documentation. An automated clinical management system is under development and will be ready immediately when services start.

  • Adequacy of the tracking, billing, and audit features of the treatments and services. These functions are integrated into the clinical management system.