Operating  a treatment facility demands significant funds for preparing the building to meet occupancy requirements, a large array of care equipment, baby and office furniture, phone and computer systems, and an investment in employee training and certifications BEFORE we care for the first infant. The Jacob's Hope team has invested a lot of personal funds and a LARGE number of hours to-date. Your donations will help accelerate our schedule so that we can start serving these wonderful babies.

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We are a 'lean and mean' operation. At the same time, we insist on doing it right both in actions and infrastructure. We strive for 100% of our funds to be spent providing care for the infants.  If you pay us directly, we save 3% processing fees.

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Wish list

We have a list of the items we will need to get open. Check out the WISH LIST by clicking on the button below:


Donate by check payable to Jacob's Hope

Our mailing address is:

Jacob's Hope

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YOUR DONATIONS to Jacob's Hope are completely tax deductible. Under the Arizona Department of Revenue Qualifying Charitable Organizations, donations to Jacob's Hope are eligible for maximum TAX CREDIT for up to $400 for single or head of household or $800 for married taxpayers. To obtain the credit, use your receipt from Jacob's Hope and Arizona form 321.

We have earned the 2018 GOLD seal of transparency from GuideStar!



We have an amazing cadre of very talented people, but we recognize that we can't do it all. We anticipate that we will need expert advice (legal, financial, human resources) and services (deep cleaning, exterminating, security, phone and computer systems, and other areas. While vendors are eager to help us, we often need expert and additional assistance. Click on the button below to send us an email to discuss these opportunities